Recent Events Construction on Gen2's Municipal Solid Waste plant in Offlay County, Ireland, commenced nearly a year ago, and now has anticipated substantially completed status by October 29, 2023. This plant is permitted to process 75,000 tons per annum, but will be expanded to over 200,000 tons per annum upon the acceptance of a permit expansion. This plant will be the largest pyrolysis plant in Europe and due to the de minimis emissions, will be the forerunner to additional projects across Europe. Anticipated commercial operation date will be first quarter 2026.


[ Waste Tires to Oil ]

Gen2WTO’s non-emission based process provides a true end-of-life solution for waste tires by converting nearly 100% of waste tires into base materials as Second Generation final products. All used tires will be efficiently diverted from landfills (or illegal dumping) and is therefore, fully compliant with numerous states’ mandated goals of 75% landfill reduction.

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[ Plastics to Diesel ] Via exclusive license from "Gen Tech PTD"

Gen2’s proprietary, state of the art, process converts waste plastics of all categories, except PVC, into high density, easily transportable, completely industry-compliant fuels and energy sources. The PTD process can be completely energy independent, without reliance on the grid system, and results in two primary end-products: (1) ASTM D975, ULSD, CA CARB compliant, (2) Low Sulfur HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil) which may be utilized as Marine Fuel Oil. The high quality #2 Diesel, is referred to as Gen2 Sustainable Diesel ™.

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Full Plant View   Completed And Operational 4 2019
MSW On Floor Of Facility


[ Municipal Solid Waste to Electricity and Fuels - C6 Technologies Provider]

Gen2MSW cleanly converts Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), medical waste, organic waste, biomass, sewage, oily sludge, agricultural plastics and mixed plastics into electricity and fuels, ASTM Grade Diesel for one, using a pyrolysis process paired with state of the art emissions control technology.

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Solid Fossil Fuels & Biomass

[Fuels to Energy]

Gen2 energy conversion technologies are generally designed to process any carbon based feedstock and unlock its potential energy, delivering cost effective conversion to electricity or fuels.

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R1 R3 Wastewater Clean Up Gen2 Home

Water Purification

[R1-R3 Water Cleanup and Elevated Moisture Biomass Conversion Technologies]

Gen2 supports two advanced technologies that handle elevated moisture content in biomass, organics such as food waste, and sewerage sludge prior to conversion to syn-gas based power, or in large quantities, on-road fuels.

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[ Research and Development ]

Gen2 R&D is structured to continually evaluate new technologies and develop useable and repeatable methodologies to convert societies’ waste resources into viable energy products. Gen2 will focus on continual updating of its’ renewable energy technology platform to maintain market superiority in all phases of waste to energy operations.

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Gen2 R&d


The disposal of ever-increasing waste has a large impact on every society worldwide, as exhibited by the massive expansion, and associated expense, of landfills everywhere. At Gen2, we know there are quality long-term solutions to every problem. Creating net positive solutions for these increasingly burdensome waste problems has been our goal from day one.

Gen2 has developed sophisticated and superior solutions which can be custom tailored to each specific community’s needs, whether it be electricity, high density liquid fuels, densified plastics or merely to significantly reduce landfill waste (with a net positive energy component), satisfying most every waste problem. For example, our diesel fuel, which is produced from either plastics, or MSW processing, is ultra-low sulphur and with equivalent, or higher, cetane rating than the current fuels sold in these communities. Our fuels will outperform fossil fuels and will do so while reducing the necessity for increased oil and gas drilling and fracing. Our technologies truly increase societies’ energy independence and do so while optimally utilizing its discarded materials. We are thankful that our efforts will have a positive effect towards societies’ Net Zero Waste, or circular economy, goals and result in highly efficient recycling of existing carbon molecules, which is extremely climate positive.

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