[ Waste Tires to Oil ]

Gen2WTO’s non-emission based process provides a true end-of-life solution for waste tires by converting nearly 100% of waste tires into base materials as Second Generation final products.  All used tires will be efficiently diverted from landfills (or illegal dumping). This solution can assist states to comply with regulatory mandates of 75% landfill reduction.

Gen2WTO’S process results in a Negative Carbon Footprint of over six to one, meaning that each Kilowatt of energy used to process the tires results in over six kilowatts of useable energy.  Additionally, the process results in 80% less CO2 emissions, leading to state-level compliance with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan.

Material Conversion

Each installed system will convert over 500,000 tires per year into useful materials with the following approximate ratios by mass:

  • Refinery quality Crude


    Sold to a refinery without significant deductions

  • Carbon Black


    Sold for recovered carbon black (rCB) products

  • Steel


    Recycled through a local scrap metal dealer

  • Produced Gas


    Utilized internally to minimize electric draw from  the grid system

  • Ag Film Pile   Best

    Reduce landfill mass and add to the local economy:

    Gen2’s process creates a new sustainable, renewable energy source with a positive energy balance, while creating revenue and jobs for the community. Further, it does not require any subsidies to be operational.

    Tangential benefits include: 1) the removal of a breeding ground for pests and disease carrying mosquitos that carry, Zika, West Nile, Encephalitis, and other diseases, 2) reduction in tire fires, which occur frequently in large tire mounds and are very difficult to extinguish.

  • Gen2wte_wto

    Reduces Liability in ownership chain

    Gen2WTO will have the capacity to provide end-of-life proof to state agencies by carefully tracking used tires from pick-up through processing. California, for one, has established the term EPR, or extended producers’ responsibility, to begin the process of assessing liability to the last possessors of these tires. Gen2’s process relieves this liability and demonstrates fulfillment of responsibility by the last titleholder.  Proposed US legislation, if implemented, would impose disposal liability on the original tire manufacturer.