Aspen Technologies and R1-R3 Wastewater Purification


Gen2 supports two advanced technologies that handle contaminated wastewater streams such as that from municipalities, industries, oil and gas cleanup processes, elevated moisture content in biomass, organics such as food waste, and sewage sludge prior to conversion to syn-gas based power.   The remaining processed water can be returned into the system as valuable potable water by applying three finishing processes necessary for classification as potable water.


Process Capabilities

General types of material that would be treatable under these technologies and processes:

  • Biomass, Green Waste, and/or Organics:

    Treatable Materials

  • Food waste and other organics

    Treatable Materials

  • Wastewater / Sewage Sludge

    Treatable Materials

  • Algae

    Treatable Materials

  • R1-R3 Water Clean Up

    Treatable Materials


  • R1 R3 Wastewater Clean Up Gen2 Biomass

    Biomass, Green Waste, and/or Organics:

    Depending upon the moisture content, Calorific Value (CV) and other biomass constituents, Gen2 has two patented and/or proprietary technologies under which it can effectively process green waste, AKA yard waste, and other commercially grown organic materials like Switchgrass and Miscanthus. Once the solid energy component has been removed and utilized to generate power or fuel, water content from these high moisture biomass materials can thereafter be treated and returned to its source, reducing the drain on strained water supplies to grow these crops.

  • R1 R3 Wastewater Clean Up Gen2 Wastewater

    Wastewater / Sewerage Sludge:

    Aspen and  Gen2’s technologies can be used to effectively treat and process Wastewater or Sewage Sludge. Once the biomass energy has been removed and processed into either power or fuel, the remaining water component can be further processed to the extent required by the individual application. Potable water is an easily achieved end result of these processes.

  • R1 R3 Wastewater Clean Up Gen2 Algae


    One of the processes that can be used on green waste, biomass and sewage/sludge is expected to offer an algae solution as well.  Gen2 is evaluating technologies to remove extremely problematic Algae concentrations from both fresh and salt waters.   Gen2 expects to  be able to process high volumes of Algae laden waters by second quarter 2019, by converting the biomass portion of the Algae into energy and returning the remaining purified water to its source.

  • R1 R3 Wastewater Clean Up Gen2

    Aspen Integrated Systems and R1-R3 Water Clean Up:

    Water which has been used for agriculture, oil and gas drilling and that which results from municipal wastewater treatment plants, may have problematic constituents which make compliance with current potable water standards difficult. Gen2 can successfully treat these materials by removing the contaminants and converting them into energy while subsequently treating the remaining water to satisfy current clean water standards.