E-Waste Processing and Conversion

Gen2 is a developer of numerous energy conversion projects, committed to providing best of class conversion technologies. Its projects convert waste, environmentally challenged, and/or low value feedstocks such as E-Waste, coal fines and globules, pet coke, and coal to energy (WTE) in the form of clean syngas, electricity, diesel, gasoline, other fuel products, and recyclables.

E-Waste, currently comprises approximately 5% of the MSW volume and is a unique problem for the environment. It includes all electronics, phones,  television sets, entertainment devices and computer boards.   Toxic and valuable materials contained in e-waste, including mercury, lead, cadmium silver, platinum, palladium,  makes disposal an environmentally challenging process.  Gen2 is in the final phases of developing a proprietary process for neutralizing and disposing of the toxic materials while recovering the valuable portion of the waste stream. The equipment as pictured below, and the process, was operational in late 2016 and will be available for order and installation by third quarter, 2017.