Our Mission

Gen2’s focus is on greater utilization of societal resources and betterment of the environment in which we live by converting existing waste materials into multiple energy products.  Extracting additional energy from these materials generates a second purpose (or second generation) for their existence, which leads to the derivation of the name Gen2. We have built our business around best-of-class technologies, allowing the realization of our vision of a future where waste is converted to energy (WTE) in the forms of electricity, diesel, gasoline, jet fuel and high-grade oil. Our technologies are adaptive and allow customization to optimize each specific situation.  Our processes are closed-loop; very low carbon footprint processes, without emissions that could harm the environment, thereby creating the ultimate waste solution.

Gen2 has thus created a Renewable Energy Technology Platform with technologies that go beyond the concept of attaining zero waste, instead they achieve a generation of “net positive waste” by generating a total positive, sustainable energy source that is greater than the negative impacts required to produce energy from a waste stream.  In some cases, the net energy derived from processing results in over 6, to in some instances over 30, times the energy required during processing, resulting in a very impressive Energy Positive Carbon Footprint.  Gen2’s transformative waste to energy technologies change the ways in which natural resources, energy and manufactured goods can be “circularly” used, rather than inefficiently “re-purposed” or disposed. Through its utilization of waste, Gen2 is creating a pathway for a sustainable energy sufficient future. The beneficiaries of these solutions will be the cities, companies, environments and populations we serve.

  • Gen2WTE is a member of the Waste Conversion Technologies Association (WCTA)