[ Municipal Solid Waste to Electricity and Fuels ]

Gen2MSW cleanly converts Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), medical waste, organic waste, biomass, sewage, oily sludge, agricultural plastics and mixed plastics into electricity and fuels,  ASTM Grade Diesel for one, using a pyrolysis process paired with state of the art emissions control technology.  Gen2MSW efficiently accomplishes this processing by utilizing a proprietary materials sorting system which allows for single stream collection.

  • Gen2MSW’s equipment and technology partners have been designing and manufacturing pyrolysis systems and equipment for over 40 years. These plants are closed-loop systems that meet and exceed current, and projected, emissions control standards for CO, NOx, SOx, Dioxins and furans, particulates and VOC’s, and does so with a low carbon footprint.

  • Kroonstd Installation   Support Equipment

    Gen2MSW’s custom designs will provide superior solutions for the collection, handling and processing of MSW, organic waste and medical waste. Except for a small amount of purchased electricity, most projects will require just a small parasitic load from the MSW it processes to operate. These processes will result in 90% landfill diversion, thus reducing the amount of land a county will require for future MSW disposal.

  • Recyclables From MSW

    This operation contains proprietary sorting technology which eliminates the need for multiple trash collections, the use of multiple bins for various types of waste, and manual sorting at a Materials Recovery Facility (“MRF’). The process first sterilizes the MSW, then separates the materials via a fully automated sorting system with an estimated 98% purity of recycled products, returns about 9% to the land fill and sends the remaining cellulosic fiber to be converted into syngas. Pure syngas is the final product and it may be burned in sophisticated turbine generators to generate electricity, or made into designer fuels via a Fischer-Tropsch type procedure.

  • Pyrolyzer With Support Equipment

    Gen2 is a licensed distributor for C6 Technologies

    C 6 LogoGen2 is a licensed distributor for C6 Technologies, a cutting edge flash-pyrolysis methodology which provides MSW processing in a manner compliant with Best Available Controls Technology,  meeting or exceeding all current EPA emissions standards and guidelines.  Gen2 will employ this technology, which leaves no tar or ash and is designed to achieve net zero waste, 90+% landfill diversion, and almost complete recycling, for MSW facilities in excess of 450 tons per day capacity or greater. Shown is an existing facility with operating pyrolyzer and auxiliary equipment.