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Gen2 PTD’s advanced chemical recycling process, as licensed by Gen Tech PTD, converts waste plastics of all categories into on-road diesel and marine fuel.  Additionally, it can produce naphtha and hydrogen if they are not used internally. The PTD process results in two basic products:

  1. Gen2 Sustainable Diesel ™,  which is an ASTM D-975 No. 2 ULSD Diesel, also CA CARB compliant
  2.  Ultra-Low sulfur Marine Diesel
  • Cropped MASSIVE Ag Film Storage

    Gen2PTD’s process is highly efficient and yields a massive Net Positive Energy Footprint in excess of thirty-to-one (each kilowatt of energy used in processing results in over thirty kilowatts of fuel energy). Additionally, this low carbon process reduces CO2 emissions by 13,688 metric tons per unit per year, and exceeds compliance with recycle goals mandated by many state and federal agencies.

  • Clear Plastic Piles

    Gen Tech PTD has developed a state-of-the-art plastic to diesel conversion technology through a joint venture with Supertherm, Ltd. This technology uses advanced chemical recycling to convert any type of recyclable and non-recyclable plastic material, except PVC, into #2  ASTM D975 Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD) within CA CARB specifications, (Gen2 Sustainable Diesel™) and Marine Diesel.  Gen2 will separate out PET and market it independently, as it is easily recyclable back into plastic.  Gen2 holds an exclusive license to use the PTD technology and equipment for the U.S. and has a non-exclusive license internationally.

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    Each system converts approximately 780 kg/hr. (~1,145,000 pounds of plastics per month) into immediately useable fuels. A production facility with two systems processing waste plastics results in monthly production of approximately 217,272 gallons of ASTM D975 Grade No. 2 Diesel and 57,166 gallons of ultra-low sulfur marine fuel, a #4 fuel oil.

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    Gen2PTD’s renewable, advanced chemical recycling technology boasts a closed loop system with near zero emissions.  None of the plastics received by a Gen Tech PTD plant will end up in a landfill.  The process produces 10 times the energy, in the form of clean, sustainable fuels, than it consumes.  In certain applications this ratio will be considerably higher. Gen Tech PTD systems are modular and highly scalable. Each installation creates permanent skilled and unskilled jobs within communities, so each project adds to the tax base at city, county, state, and federal levels. Gen2’s Gen Tech PTD systems meet two critical societal goals, they provide a commercial scale, circular solution to plastic waste and sustainable transition fuels for a cleaner environment and a greener   economy.

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    Gen2 PTD’s inventory and tracking system will provide proof that its plastics suppliers have a net zero position in terms of:

    1) emissions associated with waste disposal

    2) liability associated with storing or landfilling plastic waste

    3) compliance with state mandated 75% recycle threshold