Gen2 Acquires Stockton TRI Industries

Gen2 has made a strategic acquisition of Stockton TRI Industries, Inc., a  40 year old machine shop and fabrication business and facility  in Stockton, California.  This site has  56,000 square foot under roof and will be material in providing a key segway to Gen2’s development program.  To accommodate Gen2’s future plans,  conversions of the existing buildings are currently underway.

Additionally, plans for a new building to house the initial Plastics to Diesel plant have been designed and submitted to the city for approval.  Gen2 will inject new jobs into the current local workforce by training and employing new its proprietary equipment and processes into STI’s existing product stream.   Long term plans include the design and fabrication of its own equipment on site, thereby controlling the majority of the supply chain.


Stockton TRI – Areal View- full plant

Stockton TRI – Building A-B Inside – Full layout

Stockton TRI – Central Area Building D – E – F