Gen2PTD and Gen2WTO are both in compliance with and advances the State of California’s Recycled Materials Initiatives

According to the 2016 CalRecycle report,  California does not currently track or quantify recycled materials, however  “certain material management programs and operations do have mandatory tracking requirements. For example, extended producer responsibility (EPR) programs have mandatory tracking requirements in order to ensure that manufacturers meet recycling goals”

Gen2PTD and Gen2WTO both are in compliance with and advance the State of California’s  above targeted goals in many way, as their processes:

  1. are in full compliance with California’s stated 75% recycle target
  2. are true end of life answer for problematic materials
  3. generates  fuels, products and materials that can be used directly within the state
  4. have the capacity to truly and accurately track and quantify materials that the State is desirous of tracking and quantifying.
  5. reduce breeding grounds for ZIKA, West Nile and other disease carrying mosquitoes

Gen2MSW has recently executed LOI’s regarding the use of its  technologies to process MSW, and other carbonaceous materials, into both ULSD (#2 ASTM Grade Diesel) and electricity for grid integration.  Its facility will generate a low parasitic load and emissions should meet or exceed best available control technology. These contemplated projects should provide a superior solution for the collection, handling and processing of MSW, organic waste, oil sludge and medical waste.